About Us

The idea of creating an online accounting service was born in 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, when millions of professionals switched to working from home.

At that time, it was an experiment that worked for several clients. In 2022, after the start of hostilities in Ukraine, the demand for accounting services among people who moved to Georgia increased significantly and we decided to take active action.

  • May 2022. Iolipay LLC was registered.

  • June 2022. We immediately decided to create a tax assistant support service for all clients.

  • July 2022. Iolipay serves 30+ clients.

  • August 2022. Iolipay connected monday.com for the security of data collection, storage, and processing. This also allowed the team to automate up to 30% of the accountant's routine tasks and increase the efficiency of the service.

  • November 2022. Iolipay serves 70+ clients.

  • February 2023. Iolipay serves 100+ clients.

  • May 2023. Iolipay has received approval from TBC bank to integrate TBC payments to simplify the use of the accounting service. This allows customers to easily pay their taxes through iolipay using any Visa or Mastercard.

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Why choose us

Why did 100+ Georgian small business individual entrepreneurs choose us?

  • We are creating a service capable of declaring income and paying taxes without your participation so that you can devote more time to yourself, your family, your business, and be less distracted by such routine as accounting.

  • At the moment, 1/3 of the service is automated. All thanks to our customers who support us with a subscription, without attracting external investments.

  • If previously one accountant was needed for every 20 clients, now one accountant is enough for 200 people.

  • If previously an individual entrepreneur was forced to look for a reliable accountant, now there is no need for this, now a tax assistant is in touch with you 7 days a week.

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18 years of professional experience across various industries in accounting, financial reporting, tax accounting, revenue service audit, cash management, preparation of IFRS financial statements, account reconciliation, internal controls.



20 years of research and development experience in social sciences, business, technology and marketing. Consulting services for government, business and individuals, as well as the creation of charitable projects.