Tax Payment & Report Assistance Service

For individual entrepreneurs with small business status in Georgia

Why choose us

Why did 100+ Georgian small business individual entrepreneurs choose us?

  • Quick & Convenient

    The technology we use speeds up the process of filing tax returns and paying taxes several times over, which in turn reduces the time spent by the client and prevents errors. Learn more about the technology we use in 👉 About

  • No More Routine & Stress

    We are creating a service capable of declaring income and paying taxes without your participation so that you can devote more time to yourself, your family, your business, and be less distracted by such routine as accounting.

  • Easy Tax and Subscription Payment

    We've integrated online payments for customer convenience. Pay for taxes, services, and subscriptions with any Visa or Mastercard bank card.

  • Secure Data Collection & Storage

    We use and Amazon web services to collect, process, and store information, so our clients' data is securely protected.

  • Support & Notifications

    If previously an individual entrepreneur was forced to look for a reliable accountant, now there is no need for this, now a tax assistant is in touch with you 7 days a week. You won't miss important events such as monthly or finished reporting, or exceeding income limits.

Please get a subscription to use our services

Monthly Subscription

  • Small business status
  • Tax payment
  • Tax reporting
  • Support service

Annual Subscription

  • Small business status
  • Tax payment
  • Tax reporting
  • Support service

Hey, are you looking for an accountant? You don't need one any more!

👉 Use Iolipay and receive online tax assistant support 7 days a week.